Cozy up with these reads this autumn

October is here in all its chilly glory. And as the summer heat simmers and the crispness of autumn fills the air, I get nostalgia for cozying up in warm-glowed coffee shops with a great novel.

I’ve never been into the fantasy and horror genres, which are typically most commonly…

And the sweetness of time

It was early September and the crispness of an early fall filled the air. What was a feverish summer quickly simmered, and the leaves on the old oaks were eager to flaunt their new colours.

On the college side of town, students unloaded their boxes and reunited with familiar faces…

And Stephen King’s advice to those who love writing them

Next time you are in your local bookshop, look at the books displayed on the bestseller shelves. Odds are you will mostly find novels and memoirs.

These book types have dominated the publishing industry for years and continue to occupy most of the market. …

Last updated: May 31, 2021

*titles and genres sorted alphabetically

1. Biography Memoir
2. Business (& business memoir)
3. Classics
4. Creativity
5. Narrative Non-fiction
6. Psychology
7. Self-improvement
8. Outdoors / Nature

Biography / Memoir

  • Becoming by Michelle Obama — In her memoir, a work of deep reflection and mesmerizing storytelling, Michelle Obama invites readers into…

How the legendary John Steinbeck overcame his self-doubt to write The Grapes of Wrath

One of the greatest misconceptions about world-class artists is that the work comes easy to them.

Our minds like to draw quick conclusions — a great writer sits down at their desk and the words flow through their pen in a flash of inspiration. An influential painter picks up the…

As the world seems to be on standstill during this worldwide pandemic, we are seeing an immediate impact on young startups and small businesses that fuel innovation and their communities.

In this time of uncertainty, many fear what the future holds for their business and livelihood. Small businesses are scaling…

We tend to have a distorted view of education. Instead of a place to learn and prosper, we see our education system as a means to an end.

What does it matter if we actually learn? We just need to graduate with academic recognition so we land our dream jobs.

How are we so often deceived by the people we trust? Why are we so quick to believe that someone is telling us the truth?

Historically, humans have been awful at detecting deception. And this weakness has led to some of the most costly mistakes to date.

Think about one…

Ram Dass, the spiritual guru known for his profound perspective, died this past Sunday. He leaves behind a legacy full of wisdom that has reached folks far and wide.

A Harvard professor, psychedelic researcher, and a psychologist, Ram Dass found himself on a mission to bring the great philosophies of…

The times we feel the most productive are when we feel the busiest. When we have so much to get done we rapidly switch between tasks, trying to get everything done at once.

There’s a common misconception, especially in the startup culture, that we are much more productive when we…

Jack D. Paisley

a reader who writes; sharing ideas inspired by the works of the greats.

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